Rape Study, Ryan Russell, Angelica Ross, Cokie Roberts and A Room Full of Lesbians

Roxane Gay, left, and Debbie Millman, at the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in NYC on Thursday, Sept, 12, 2019. Photo by Melody Maia Monet

This, our 29th episode, is the next to last edition of “Before The War” before we mothball the franchise and move our podcast to the Outsports SB Nation platform in October!

The topics Karleigh and Dawn discuss this week include the new study on how many women’s first sexual experience is with a rapist, the return of Brett Kavanaugh to the news cycle, Ryan Russell’s inability to make the cut as an NFL free agent since coming out, Angelica Ross’s role in an LGBTQ presidential politics forum, Cokie Roberts’ passing and Dawn’s coverage of the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in New York City. Plus, find out about the new podcast coming to the SB Nation platform in conjunction with Outsports: The Trans Sporter Room!

You’ll find links to all the stories mentioned below the podcast link!


One in 16 women say their first sexual partner was a man who raped them. Stunning details here.

It’s a month since Ryan Russell came out as bisexual and still no takers in the NFL.

SB Nation has a roundup of injured quarterbacks. Colin Kaepernick would like that job very much, thank you.  

Angelica Ross will host the next presidential forum, a discussion of LGBTQ issues. She’s the first transgender woman to do so. Details here, from Out Magazine.

Karleigh will have a story about trans wrestler Mack Beggs on Outsports this week. Until then, read all about him and other transgender athletes in this story she co-wrote with Outsports co-founder Cyd Zeigler.

Dawn’s coverage of the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in New York City for Forbes.com is here.

And here’s a look back at the life and career of Cokie Roberts. Rest in Peace, Cokie!

When we transition to our new podcast The Trans Sporter Room next month, you’ll hear more coverage of trans issues, sports and science fiction. This week and last, moviegoers were treated to the original theatrical release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture from 1979, in advance of its 40th anniversary. Read all about it here. 




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